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Byrd-Spyderco Raven Comboedge Knife

Byrd-Spyderco Raven Comboedge Knife
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Product Description

Byrd-Spyderco Raven Knife

SOLD OUT. The Raven's aluminum handle is both featherweight and feather textured for ultra-light, slip free cutting. This feathered pattern radiates bi-directionally outward from the handle's center giving purchase to the palm when using a forward or backward cutting motion. The black Titanium Carbonitride coated blade has a centerline grind and stippling (crosshatching) where handle and blade connect for better grip and cutting manageability. Full-length steel handle liners complement the handle and a Michael Walker style LinerLock locks the blade open for secure and confident cutting. The comet shaped opening hole is a trademark of the byrd knife line and is synonymous with the stringent quality requirements, high performance materials and manufacturing we put into each individual knife.

Features a 3-1/2" hollow-ground black Titanium Carbonitride coated blade with a right-hand, tip-up/down steel clip. 3.5oz.

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